Repped Artists:

Now Repping Joe Benitez - Originals plus special auction now!

April 9, 2018

TDArt is now repping JOE BENITEZ!

The first batch of original art has been added to the site

Most pages will be available as direct sale through the site. If there is anything you're looking for just let me know. Some special pieces will be offered to fans through silent auctions, which will be promoted through social media and my newsletter (make sure to follow me on FB, Twitter and IG and sign up for the newsletter, all info to follow and sign up are on my site). That's also the best way to know when new art is up and when we may be offering some other special offers!

To get things started, let's start with the Silent Auction for this Batman pinup (see below)!

This is an 11x17 pencil and ink on art board pinup by Joe Benitez and Joe Weems, done in 2003 at the request of Jim Lee for consideration for taking over art duties on Batman. 

*The auction starts 7 pm PST on April 8 (now!) and ends on Friday, April 13 at 5 pm PST

*Bidding starts at $2500 and increases in increments of $50 
CURRENT BID: $2500 - bids will be updated on social media and individual bidders will be updated. If you want the most up to date bid please email me

*You may bid in the following ways - via email to or you may comment on the post or send messages on FB, Twitter or IG

Payment plans are accepted for the winner, with a 20% deposit. 

Nonpaying bidders will not be allowed to participate in any further auctions. 

Please let me know any questions you may have

Also as a note, if anyone going to Lake Como Comic Art Festival wins this piece, I'm happy to bring it to the show!

For more details and to join in on the fun, go to the event: